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Berth Information

The Port has a standard dedicated berthing quay with the capacity to handle the biggest shipping lines on Lake Tanganyika. The quay has a depth of about 10 meters and a maximum draught of 8 meters and is used to handle general cargo, containers, dangerous goods etc. The Port has experts who know what it takes to shift full container loads from one transport vessel to another.


MHCL provides cargo handling services which involve loading and unloading of cargo delivered to the Port either by trucks or by ships. This applies to both inbound and outbound cargo (Export and Import cargo) and the process is called stevedoring. MHCL uses cranes, forklifts, a reach stackers, tractors and stevedoring gangs (gangs of people who manually/ physically offload the cargo) to move cargo from one transport vessel to another.


Hire Of Equipment

Book from our specialized range of heavy-duty lifting equipment through our office. With years of experience in cargo handling, we offer solutions to your heavy loads that require lifting with solutions that suits your need.


Located within the port’s precinct 300 meters from the Port quay are four warehouses with a combined cargo holding capacity of 11,000 Metric tons. Additional warehousing of 6,500 metric tons is readily available whenever need arises on a standing agreement with lessors outside the Port but within Mpulungu. The Port also offers open storage areas for loose cargo. The warehousing services are there to assist maintain port efficiencies and convenience as cargo awaits shipment.



The Port ensures that all ships docked at the Port are moored to prevent any bad weather and any other incident